Giving back to those who have supported us, and of the less fortunate, is essential to the foundation of who we are at Arc Minute.

Founder and Creative Director Alexandra Cipriani early embraced the importance of such an understanding. Having spent a significant part of her life in developing nations across West Africa, Alex actively involved herself with local communities. It became a vivid experience of hers and it had an impactful meaning to who she is today. Alex engaged herself in the fine lines of poverty and manual labor to understand the basic principles that drive a hardworking community towards a greater standard of living.

As it became evident that very few are fortunate enough to put clothes on their back, but make the daily sacrifices so that others can, Alex wanted to break down the barriers of fortune.

Arc Minute was going to be different. It was going to be healthier, more just, more organic.

This is the reason why we have launched our Philanthropy Initiative. This will be a mode of reciprocity, where our customers are part of the process in who we are at Arc Minute. Each of you will be able to actively decide which charity speaks to you, and we will accommodate. For the coming coldest months of the year, we have made an executive decision to combat homelessness, by donating 10% of all our revenue to help prepare the homeless for the uncouth period to come.

We thank you for your donations in solidarity, and look forward to achieving greatness with all of you.